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Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher GT is a strain of Psilocybe Cubensis that is world famous, and well domesticated. Many claim that this mushroom is highly

Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores

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Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spores

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JWH-250 Research Chemical

JWH-250 or is an analgesic chemical from the phenylacetylindole family that acts as a cannabinoid agonist at both the CB₁ and CB₂ receptors, with a Kᵢ of 11 nM at CB₁ and 33 nM at CB₂. .
ChemSpider ID: 23256117
ChEMBL Id: 188031
Formula: C22H25NO2
PubChem CID: 44397540


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Liberty Cap Shrooms

liberty cap shrooms Buy/purchase/order Liberty Cap Shrooms online The dainty, ribbed and pointed cap Liberty Cap Shrooms on slender stems

Lions Mane Mushroom

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Formula: C20H25N3O
Generic Name: Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

LSD pyramid Gel Tabs (450ug)

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Lucy Luminous Spores

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MDMA Crystals

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